The following videos have been produced in tandem with my original reported digital feature stories for NBC News and KCET-TV. Many of the videos featured below have garnered hundreds of thousands of views on social media and YouTube.

How Working with Glass Helped Artist Kazuki Takizawa Open Up About Mental Health – Monica Luhar, NBC News, Oct. 12, 2017

Dr. Adam Kendall Renewed His Passion for Medicine With Music 

For 45 Years, Southern California’s ‘Donut Man’ Has Drawn Crowds on Route 66 

Neha Assar is the Henna Artist to the Stars 

NBC News video:

On a Roll: Meet the Winner of the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest

NBC News Youtube link– “The $10,000 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest Winner | NBC Asian America”:

Anna Akana is ‘Chasing Laughs’ and Telling Stories 

LGBT Behind Bars: Removal From General Population Causing Problems

The Rice Rockettes: ‘Sugar and Spice and Everything Rice’

This Wheelchair Dance Company Is ‘Redefining Disability and Reinventing Inclusion’



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