‘Big Bang’ Star Kunal Nayyar Wants You to Know His Accent is Real

Monica Luhar for NBC News Asian America – September 14, 2015


Kunal Nayyar wants you to know his Indian accent is real.

That’s part of the “Big Bang Theory” actor’s revelations in his new book “Yes, My Accent is Real: And Some Other Things I Haven’t Told You,” which will be released Tuesday, Sept. 15.

“I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to tell people that my pure Delhi, St Columba’s School accent is the real deal, not something I consciously practice to sound more ‘Indian’ or to make fun of Indian accents — like, say, the Apu character in ‘The Simpsons,'” Nayyar told the Times of India.

In a series of honest and tongue-in-cheek personal essays, Nayyar highlights everything from awkward first kisses to his first exposure to booze at a college party in Portland, to marrying former Miss India, and listening to his “James Bond-loving, mustachioed father” when it comes to the use of spreadsheets.

The book cover–revealed in August–shows Nayyar in a dapper blue suit and a pair of traditional gold-brown juttis.

Raised in New Delhi, Nayyar’s debut book explores his journey from receiving an MFA at Temple University to juggling random gigs before landing the role of astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali on “The Big Bang Theory” back in 2007.

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“Sometimes people ask me, ‘Why are you writing a memoir? You’re only thirty-three.’ This is not a memoir. I’m not a president, or an astronaut, or a Kardashian. This is a collection of stories from my life,” Nayyar writes.

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