The music video for “LEH” by Humble the Poet and Lilly Singh (aka Superwoman) is nothing short of amazing. The perfect ounce of sarcasm and “leh” is creatively laced in every scene.

From champagne popping to YOLO sunglasses and expensive purses, “LEH” pokes fun on materialism and the ridiculous nature of young adults doing, well, stupid things.

In a nutshell, “Leh” is a term that is the equivalent of “shaking your head” over things that are ridiculous and “tisk-worthy.”

The lyrics offer a critique on young adults and the double-standards that some individuals choose to live by. Superwoman says it well (with the interjection of “Leh,” of course):

“Booty shorts in the winter. Rocking open toes in the snow. Leh. Making out with your friend’s man. But you say that you hate hoes. Leh.”

Singh even takes a jab at Instagram users who have nothing better to do than post annoying selfies or “spend $4,000 on a purse.”

“4,000 dollars on a purse, still got tutition to pay.”

“OMG. LOL. You’re ridiculous as hell. Leh.”

The end of the video sends a pretty clear and powerful message: Be yourself, and nothing else. And…don’t be so glued to the superficial and materialistic.

“Never stop learning.”

“Spread love.”

“Do what makes your heart happy.”

“Chase your dreams.”

“Grab milk.”

“Be yourself.”

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get over this song. It’s on replay, all day long. What are your thoughts on the video? What message do you think it’s conveying?

~Monica Luhar



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