Angelenos bit by love bug during Metro’s Valentine’s Day speed-dating event

Angelenos bit by love bug during Metro’s Valentine’s Day speed-dating event

By Shirley Jahad and Monica Luhar, Southern California Public Radio

Feb 14, 2014

Metro hosted its first speed-dating event for Angelenos hoping to get struck by Cupid’s red arrow this Valentine’s Day.

Metro officials dressed up in festive Valentine’s-themed attire before handing out wristbands and instructions for those participating in the love match on the Red Line.

Speed-dating on the Red Line

“This is the way it’s going to work. When we depart, someone sitting in one of these seats could be the next love of your life,” said Dave, one of the love guides on board the speed-dating train.

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Daters were given two minutes to pick someone on the train and strike up a conversation.

Metro tweet

“Take a look around — when we start the train, pick somebody out and you’ll have two minutes to talk to them. If you find somebody that you feel like you might be compatible with, get to know them. We’re not here to interfere at all. It’s on you from now on.”

Rene Sayyed, a widow for more than 26 years, was one of the participants in the speed-dating event.

She told KPCC that she’s had several relationships, but she never quite met the guy she wanted to marry since the first one.

“I’m taking a chance on the unknown, and I’m an explorative and adventurous person by nature, and I like meeting people,” said Sayyed.

“Whether I meet someone or not … it’s just nice to have fun,” Sayyed said. “It keeps endorphins flowing and wrinkles lessening. That’s why I’m here.”

Marcus Hill got on the first train leaving Union Station hoping the speed-dating car would make it easier for a shy guy like him.

“I used to be scared to go up and talk to a girl, and I never really had a prom date,” Hill said. “Even though it’s been years later, it bothers me I had to take my cousin to the prom.”
Andy Green, 25, says he got on board for fun and that he’s riding up and down the Red Line to see if he finds a connection.

“It’s only been five stops. My life hasn’t changed yet. I’m going all the way to Union Station and back,” Green said.
Katie Devine, 27, took a chance on her lunch hour and boarded the train car decorated with hearts and cupids.
“And I got a rose. I feel special.”

Speed-dating starts in T minus…

Even Cupid was on hand:

Metro Cupid

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